One of the most valuable assets for any business is its name. Through trademarks, a company can distinguish its products and services from its competitor’s. At Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner, we have the expertise and knowledge to protect your company’s good name.

We have a dedicated practice group of experienced attorneys knowledgeable in all aspects of obtaining both federal and state trademark protection as well as international protection, either directly or through the Madrid Protocol.  Our attorneys and staff have the ability to effectively manage single trademark registrations as well as international trademark portfolios containing hundreds of registrations.  Through our network of foreign associates and our dedicated foreign filing department, we can readily handle international trademark filings throughout the world.

TrademarkIn addition, we have significant experience in domestic and international trademark portfolio management and can provide assistance in handling internet domain name dispute issues.

Quality of service is always our main concern, and our quality is based first on the skills of our attorneys and staff.  To ensure everyone has the requisite skills, we have regular trademark practice group meetings so that everyone is aware of the latest changes in trademark practice.

Our attorneys will vigorously protect your trademarks.  For example, we provide a trademark watch service in order to identify others’ marks that might be problematic.  We handle all aspects of trademark enforcement including oppositions and cancellation proceedings, as well as infringement issues and International Trade Commission (ITC) actions.

We understand the value of trademarks to your business.