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Mediation | Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation | Alternative Dispute Resolution

Resolving Intellectual Property Disputes

Mediation in intellectual property disputes requires specialized skills. For your client you want a mediator, or other neutral, that understands IP law, so you do not spend time bringing them up to speed on basics. You want a neutral that has had years of IP litigation experience and, from that, has a realistic understanding of jury dynamics and summary judgment practice in IP cases. You also want a neutral that, while diplomatic, has the confidence and gravitas to press either, or both, sides when appropriate. You want a neutral that can spot and focus on the pivotal IP issues. We provide those.

Woodard firm neutrals are all patent and trademark lawyers with engineering backgrounds, and seasoned litigators with the technical knowledge and legal expertise to delve straight into the IP issues.

Woodard firm neutrals provide objective, efficient, trustworthy, cost-effective, and impartial services to help disputing parties reach a resolution.

ADR Services:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Mock Adversary
  • Special Masters
  • 30(b)(6) deposition designee