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Firm Profile

Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner, LLP is a full-service intellectual property law firm based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Clients appreciate our “big-city service” combined with Midwestern values.

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Firm Profile


Integrity and a strong client focus form the cornerstone of our business philosophy. This dedication to serving clients manifests itself in our internal cadre of attorneys specializing in a variety of technical disciplines, enabling clients to benefit from efficiencies of scale. Time is not lost recruiting technical expertise, as we can easily match each case with the appropriate counsel. Clients range from companies with corporate assets to protect to individuals with creative ideas. All clients, no matter what the size, can rest assured that we have their best interests in mind and will proceed as good stewards of their resources.



Our firm celebrates more than 140 years of patent and trademark specialization. The history of the Firm began in 1879, when Charles P. Jacobs became one of the first attorneys in Indianapolis to specialize in patent, trademark, and copyright law. Mr. Jacobs built a reputation as the leading patent attorney in Indiana and argued a number of cases before the United States Supreme Court. An avid astronomer, his house was constructed with a private observatory and mounted telescope where he would often entertain friends. Mr. Jacobs was also active as a lecturer, inventor, lyricist and composer, in addition to teaching law at various Indiana law schools.

Charles P Jacobs portrait
Charles P. Jacobs


Virgil Lockwood portrait
Virgil Lockwood
Ralph Lockwood portrait
Ralph Lockwood

In 1892, Virgil H. Lockwood took over the practice and continued to develop the firm’s expertise in patent law. Following in Charles Jacobs’ tradition of teaching, Mr. Lockwood taught patent and trademark law at Indiana Law School for several years and published a book on the subject. His son, Ralph G. Lockwood, joined him in 1915, and the two practiced as father and son until Virgil’s passing in 1932. Ralph continued the practice for the next twenty-five years along with partners Elmer L. Goldsmith and Dwight B. Galt.


Harold “Hal” R. Woodard joined the Firm in 1946. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Mr. Woodard succeeded Ralph Lockwood as senior partner in 1957. In addition to serving as president of the Seventh Circuit Bar Association, he became the first patent lawyer from Indiana to be inducted into the American College of Trial Lawyers. He was named as one of three “Giants of the U.S. trademark Bar” by the Trademark Reporter, the official journal of the International Trademark Association. The President of the United States honored this milestone. Hal was also an adjunct professor of intellectual property law at Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law for thirty-two years and has an endowed professorship named in his honor. Known for his energy and enthusiasm, Mr. Woodard continued to keep a busy work schedule up until his passing in 2003 at the age of 91.

Harold Woodard portrait
Harold Woodard


John McNett portrait
C. David Emhardt
Joseph A. Naughton

Hal was joined in 1959 by C. David Emhardt, another Harvard Law School graduate, and Joseph A. Naughton, University of Notre Dame School of Law. For over fifty years, both Dave and Joe were instrumental in helping guide, shape and grow the Firm. They worked closely with individuals and companies, large and small, helping them navigate the complexities of intellectual property law. Because of the trust and confidence they instilled, the Firm continues to represent many of their clients yet today.


Jack V. Moriarty came to the firm in 1969, with John C. McNett joining shortly thereafter in 1970. As new technologies were created, especially in the medical field and computer software, the need for intellectual property grew. Thomas Q. Henry joined the firm in 1975, Charles R. Reeves in 1976 and Vincent O. Wagner in 1978. Over the next thirty years, the Firm experienced tremendous growth handling almost 7,000 trademarks including Gatorade, Garfield the Cat and the International Olympic Committee and more than 9,000 patents and patent applications. It has a rich history of successful IP litigation. The firm’s clients have included Eli Lilly & Company, Knauf Insulation, Roche Diagnostics, COOK Group Inc., Allison, Zimmer/Biomet, Indiana University, Purdue University, The University of Illinois, the University of Florida, The Heritage Group, and Springfield Armory.

Jack Moriarty portrait
Jack Moriarty


Indianapolis Skyline

The present members of the firm view the future with confidence from the strong foundation formed by their predecessors. They are very conscious of the richness and fullness of the legacy they have inherited. It is hoped that when a future generation writes a history of them it will be said that they succeeded as did their predecessors in contributing to the good of their community as well as the best interests of their clients.
Charles P. Jacobs 1879-1892
Jacobs & Lockwood 1892
Virgil H. Lockwood 1892-1915
Lockwood & Lockwood 1915-1926
Lockwood, Goldsmith & Galt 1926-1950
Lockwood, Hahn, Galt & Woodard 1950-1952
Lockwood, Galt, Woodard & Smith 1952-1958
Lockwood, Woodard, Smith & Weikart 1958-1966
Woodard, Weikart, Emhardt & Naughton 1966-1987
Woodard, Emhardt, Naughton, Moriarty, & McNett 1987-2003
Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, McNett & Henry 2003-2019
Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner 2019-present

Diversity and Inclusion

At Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive environment where all perspectives are welcome, respected and valued. We understand that an inclusive culture fosters creative thinking, innovative problem-solving techniques and unique solutions for our clients. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in firm policies and recruitment efforts of attorneys and professional staff members.


Management Committee

The Firm is led by a three-member management committee chaired by managing partner Bill McKenna, along with Dan Lueders and Chuck Schmal. The committee is responsible for determining the overall direction and business strategy of the Firm, in addition to ensuring that our clients’ needs are being addressed at all times.

Dan Lueders
Dan Lueders


Bill McKenna
Bill McKenna


Chuck Schmal


Practice Group Leaders

The Firm is also organized into practice groups which focus on particular service specialties including patent prosecution, trademarks, and IP litigation. The groups meet regularly to consider recent legal developments and discuss areas for practice improvement. The current practice group leaders are Mike Morris (Patent Prosecution), Charlie Meyer (Trademark Practice), and Spiro Bereveskos (IP Litigation).

Mike Morris
Mike Morris


Charlie Meyer
Charlie Meyer


Spiro Bereveskos
Spiro Bereveskos



Woodard Emhardt is constantly seeking to attract talented, energetic people who enjoy working in a collaborative atmosphere. In addition to a generous compensation and benefits package that includes health care and disability coverage, 401k profit sharing investment plan, and paid vacation and holidays, the Firm supports the ongoing career development of attorneys and staff at all levels through such programs as practice group meetings, new attorney training and personal mentoring.

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