While some attorneys may refer to themselves as “intellectual property” attorneys, not all attorneys have the technical expertise to become patent attorneys.  At Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner,  every attorney is or will eventually be a registered patent attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and any attorney we hire must have the requisite technical background to become a patent attorney.  That means that every attorney at our firm has the technical and legal expertise to obtain protection for your inventions with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  Most law firms cannot say that.

We have a large core group of seasoned attorneys that specialize solely in preparing, prosecuting, providing counsel, and obtaining patent protection across a broad spectrum of technologies.  We also have a highly trained and experienced staff that can handle any of your patent needs.  We have a dedicated foreign filing department and a large network of trusted partner attorneys throughout the world that can handle your foreign patent needs.  We also have the technology and systems  in place so you can quickly and efficiently understand the status of any patent in your portfolio.

Your IdeaUnlike other law firms, we do not view patent prosecution work as a loss leader that is assigned to the least senior attorney.  Instead, we understand the value of a patent begins with the quality in its preparation and prosecution. A large number of our partners with decades of patent prosecution experience are dedicated solely to preparing and prosecuting patent applications.  Through our monthly patent prosecution group meetings as well as periodic updates, we keep both our attorneys and staff up to date on the latest issues surrounding all areas of patent law.  Our attorneys have the diverse technical background to handle any type of invention, from elegant mechanical inventions to complex chemical, biotechnology, electrical, or software  inventions.  We have someone that can understand the invention and communicate with the inventors, regardless of the technology involved.  As a result, we have the breadth and depth of knowledge to help guide you through the entire patenting process.

Quality is always our main concern during the entire patenting process.  Every patent application we file goes through an extensive quality review program by our formalities department to ensure that all filing formalities are satisfied and appropriate deadlines are docketed.  Our quality review does not stop there—we continue to evaluate the case even after the patent issues.  We also focus on training to ensure quality.  Our new legal secretaries and associates go through an extensive training program so that they understand how to do things properly during patent prosecution.  This training is supplemented by periodic practice group and staff meetings to provide updates on recent changes that may affect our practice.

At the beginning of the patenting process, we can conduct a patent search and advise on what type of patent protection you might receive and whether you should file for patent protection in the first place.  When we prepare the application, we do our homework up front to not only understand the intricacies of the technology involved but also to understand how the technology fits into your overall business.  At every stage of the process, we do not lose the perspective that the patent needs to provide value to your business.

We have the ability to handle more complicated matters before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, such as reissue, reexamination, and interference proceedings.  In addition, we provide a wide range of other patent-related services such as due diligence reviews, patent watches, clearance opinions, invalidity opinions, and infringement opinions, to name just a few.