Bill McKenna helps InstaTrim take down numerous copycat products sold on Amazon.

An article published in Minnesota’s Star Tribune, described small business owners Greg and Betsy Amundson and their battle against counterfeiters on Amazon. The Amundsons had previously been unsuccessful in removing these products, but after they hired Bill McKenna they recently won their complaint against counterfeit sellers using Amazon’s APEX program.

In the article, Bill explains, “The problem a lot of sellers face … is that even if they get patent protection, [the case] can take years and cost millions.”

“Amazon, to its credit — and it’s not a perfect system — set up a very quick arbitration process between patent owners and the alleged infringers. It puts the burden on foreign sellers who have no intention of acting responsibly.”

“Amazon will act on InstaTrim’s [next] complaint within 48 hours and take copycats down at a much faster rate,” McKenna said. “That’s important.”

To read the full article, “Minnesota maker of InstaTrim back on track after a win against counterfeit sellers on Amazon,” please visit Star Tribune (subscription required).