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Protecting the Patented Slipstream Bracket® by ThatGrin LLC and Removing Counterfeit Products From the Market

Electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream, and none are more beloved than Tesla. However, many states require a front license plate, and Tesla owners are left with the difficult decision to drill into the bumper of their new Tesla or install some other adhesive or flimsy aftermarket license plate mount.

Faced with this problem themselves, Chad and Cristi Nowakowski chose to make their own, giving birth to the Slipstream Bracket. The Slipstream Bracket is a NO-drill, NO-holes, NO-adhesives front license plate mounting solution for the Tesla Model 3, Tesla Model X, and the all-new Tesla Model Y. The Patented design of the Slipstream Bracket is aerodynamically invisible to the cold air intake and does not interfere with any of Tesla’s autopilot sensors. The secure, quick-release system (using the provided L-key) is ideal for car washes, Tesla events, detailing, and for anyone who wants the ability to “pop-on” or “pop-off” their front license plate without the risk of damaging their vehicle.

Many months went into testing, developing, and producing the Slipstream Bracket. Precise dimensions, OEM placement, and specific high-quality construction materials ensure 100% compatibility with the onboard safety systems. Additionally, the unique product design protects the body parts and finish of Tesla models. Many of the painstakingly designed components used in making the Slipstream Bracket ensure maximum protection of the body parts and the painted finish of Tesla vehicles. Furthermore, the proprietary to ThatGrin LLC makes it very difficult to duplicate the product safely.

Given the precise dimensions and sensitivity of the Tesla Autopilot and safety systems, ThatGrin LLC owners were very concerned when counterfeit brackets began showing up online. These counterfeit brackets did not meet the tight tolerances required and thus risked interfering with the vehicle’s function. To protect their product and the consuming public, ThatGrin LLC began working with Firm attorney, William A. McKenna, to protect the patented design and remove counterfeit products from the market. So far, the results have been successful, and the Slipstream Bracket remains an overwhelming success with a five-star rating on Amazon with several thousand sold.

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