Primer on International Copyright Protection

Below is a presentation that provides information concerning international protection for copyrights. The presentation includes a discussion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership and an in-depth explanation of copyrights from an international perspective. In particular, the presentation has information concerning what copyrights protect, examples of copyright protection, and the treaties involved such as the Berne Convention. Details are provided on how to obtain international copyright protection, including the point of attachment requirements, the prohibition against formalities, and independent treatment requirements. In addition, it contains information on the retroactivity concerning the WTO (TRIPS) agreement and of neighboring rights as well as ownership of copyrights. Also included is a discussion about international copyright term (i.e., length of protection) as well as the discussion concerning the rule of Shorter Term under Article 7(8) along with an explanation on how the Trans-Pacific Partnership impacts copyright term in participant countries. The presentation can be downloaded here.

International Copyright Protection Primer from Woodard, Emhardt, Moriarty, McNett and Henry LLP