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Vincent O. Wagner Featured in IndyStar Article on Mentoring Youths

As a young patent lawyer, Vince Wagner reached out to the local chapter of Big Brothers Big Sisters. Wagner was paired with an 8-year-old boy, Tony Slocum. Vince and Tony’s relationship later grew to include another boy, Jimmy Saddler. Wagner took them to Cubs games, attended their sporting events, helped them get into college, and kept up with the both boys over the years. As they grew to be men, Wagner continued to encourage them to make positive choices and go the extra mile in all that they did. Now, 35 years later, he thinks of both of his “little brothers” as sons in “a lifelong family” he never expected to be a part of when he made that call 35 years ago. Congratulations to Vince on a great success story. See the full article published here in The IndyStar.