Ambush Marketing and Clean Zone Ordinances for the Super Bowl

With Super Bowl week already in full swing in Indianapolis, we wanted to remind you of some of the legal issues surrounding ambush marketing in view of the clean zone ordinance put in place by the City of Indianapolis.  Ambush Marketing is when one brand pays to become the official sponsor of an event (e.g., the Olympics, the NFL, the World Cup) and another competing brand connects itself with the event without paying sponsorship fees.

This presentation discusses ambush marketing and ways to combat it.  The presentation also covers similar laws used to prevent ambush marketing, such as the Olympics Symbol Act in relation to the 2012 Olympics in London, and the clean zone ordinances, adopted by Dallas for the 2011 Super Bowl.

To view the presentation, visit: Ambush Marketing from Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner, LLP