federal trade secret legislation

Trade Secrets and Copyright Update

December 28, 2011

Below is a presentation providing a primer on trade secret and copyright law. This is followed by a detailed explanation of a portion of the 1976 Copyright Act that provides copyright holders the ability to terminate their licenses and assignments. The 1976 Act extended Copyright term and Congress gave authors the right to recover some of the new extended term from assignees and licensees. Statutory windows to provide notice of termination to initiate copyright licensee and assignment terminations for post 1978 copyrights are opening for the first time in 2013. Click  here to download a copy.

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October 2011 Patent Group Luncheon

October 28, 2011

Topics covered in this month’s patent group presentation include proposed federal trade secret legislation, recent case law regarding the presumption of irreparable harm, and recent case law regarding factual findings and new grounds for rejections.

To download a copy of this presentation please click here.