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Dan Lueders Visits the Home of Gatorade®

April 15, 2013

Firm client, the University of Florida, is the birthplace of Gatorade ® sports drink. It was proven via the Florida Gators football team. Its history back to its invention in 1965 is summarized in this historic marker on the U of F Gators campus:

Partner, Dan Lueders, represents the University of Florida and is shown here at the Cade Museum exhibit which includes the actual med-school lab benches where Gatorade ® sports drink was invented:


Our law firm secured the original Gatorade ®  trademark registrations and various patents around the world for the product. Gatorade ® is a multi-billion dollar success story and is an ongoing part of our firm’s history.


USPTO Launches “Trademark Information Network”

April 28, 2010

In case you don’t have enough to watch on TV, the USPTO launched a portion of its new Trademark Information Network where anyone can view news broadcast-style videos that cover important topics and can teach you about the various phases of the trademark registration process.  The site, which is not yet fully populated, will provide video walk-throughs of the entire trademark application process.  Examples of the videos which will be available include:

  • Before You File – overview of the most important issues you should be aware of when filing a trademark application, including trademark availability searching, ownership information, differences between drawings and specimens, identifications of goods and services, and filing bases.
  • Searching – use of the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) and an overview of the system and tips for how to use the system effectively.
  • Applicant Information – focuses on what is meant by the term “applicant.” 
  • Drawing Issues – focuses on what is meant by the term “drawing” and how to comply with the requirements for submitting a drawing to the USPTO.
  • Goods and Services Issues – focuses on identifying the correct “goods and services” for filing in association with your application.
  • Basis Information – provides specifics about the filing requirements for both Section 1(a), Use-in-Commerce, and Section 1(b), Intent-to-Use-in-Commerce, filing bases.
  • Specimen Issues – provides examples of acceptable specimens and highlights the differences between a “drawing” and a “specimen.” 
  • After You File – provides an overview of the most important issues you should be aware of after filing your application.  It covers such topics as using the USPTO’s electronic resources to keep your application current, who to contact with questions, and what you must do to avoid abandonment.
  • Post-Registration Issues - provides an overview of the most important issues you should be aware of after your application has matured into a registration.  The video explains the required maintenance documents that you must file to keep your registration alive, as well as discusses an optional filing to enhance the legal strength of your registration. 

The Anchor in the videos is the Trademark Information Network’s Mark Trademan.  We will leave it to you as to whether his name is either a great coincidence or an attempt at humor.