United States Patent and Trademark Office

USPTO Funding Bill Becomes Public Law

August 16, 2010

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) was successful in its lobbying efforts to get an important funding bill (H.R. 5874) passed by Congress and signed by the President.    The legislation allows the USPTO to increase its spending authority by $129 million for its 2010 fiscal year.  According to USPTO Director Kappos, the increased spending authority will support innovation and spur job creation and economic growth.  More specifically, Director Kappos asserts that the bill will allow the USPTO to hire additional patent examiners, fund full overtime for patent examiners and support staff, accelerate patent examination process reengineering, continue to fully fund PCT contract work, and upgrade information technology systems to increase USPTO effectiveness.  In essence, the bill will return to the USPTO most of the funds it collects in excess of the amount originally appropriated.

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