International Attorneys


At Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner, we provide comprehensive legal representation exclusively in the field of intellectual property law. In this capacity, we offer our services as a U.S. associate to a large network on international firms, with the goal of creating a mutually beneficial relationship for all parties.

Because intellectual property law is our sole offering, we are able to offer your clients highly focused premium-quality service to meet their U.S. intellectual property needs. We provide cost-effective U.S. filing and prosecution with respect to patents and trademarks in addition to other related services including enforcement, opposition, and searching, as well as any other related service. In addition, our docketing system is specifically developed for handling the rigors of U.S. IP practice and enables us to offer quick response times in tracking your client’s matters. This specialization, combined with our reputation for excellence, knowledge and integrity allows any attorney to partner with us in representing their clients in total confidence.