In House Counsel


The corporate world can be complex. Corporations must be constantly vigilant to protect their legal rights, as these rights enable them to maintain their public awareness, market share, and competitive advantage.

Protecting your innovations in order to preserve market share takes preparation, careful planning, and organization. It takes proper mechanisms and safeguards to protect the fruits of the investment. It may involve a complicated interplay of protection by and vigilance over patents, trade secrets, copyrights and source identifiers, such as trademarks, to ensure a steady course for the business. In addition, these rights held by your competitors must be analyzed and understood.

The problem is that properly protecting, managing, understanding, and enforcing all of these assets in today’s rapid global economy can be overwhelming. That’s where Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner can help. We offer our services to help you manage everything from the smallest detail to the largest project depending upon your specific needs. Along the way we provide customized periodic reporting and real-time secure access to your data so that you will always have the information you need.