Corporate Clientele


Business is all about competition. Businesses must be constantly vigilant to protect their legal rights, as these rights enable them to maintain their investments and resources devoted to competition.

Everyone knows how tough it is for any business to succeed in today’s economy. It is commonly thought that the people, the physical office space or the inventory will make or break a business’ success. These are important, but a company’s true uniqueness in the market is likely to be in its intellectual resources.

Protecting your uniqueness in order to preserve market share takes careful planning and organization. It takes proper mechanisms and safeguards to protect the fruits of the investment. It may involve a complicated interplay of protection by and vigilance over patents, trade secrets, copyrights and source identifiers, such as trademarks, to ensure a steady course for the business.

The problem is that most businesses don’t realize they have business advantages they need to protect, so they are not protecting themselves properly. The maintenance of these advantages is made possible by properly establishing and enforcing these intellectual property rights. That’s where Woodard, Emhardt, Henry, Reeves & Wagner can help.